Powerful office software

Instantly sync, review, and share inspections between users, GIS, enterprise databases and more with PipeTech Hub.

What can you do with PipeTech Hub?

Sync data

Your data, exactly where you need it. Automatically transfer data between field and office, synchronize asset attributes in GIS, and integrate with the tools you use daily.

Review inspections

Find the inspection you’re looking for instantly with powerful searching, sorting, and filtering. Save time on QA with smart playlists and bulk editing capability.

Track projects

Projects help you work smarter and faster. Create custom workflows to move inspections from from field to finished, and view project statistics to make sure you’re on track.

Share with anyone

Create beautiful, custom reports and share them throughout the organization or deliver them to a third party with an emailed link.

“PipeTech Hub has saved our team hours. Everyone has access to the same data, and we're able to deliver inspections to customers without shipping hard drives!

Cloud or Desktop

Hub can be accessed from anywhere in the cloud or installed locally.

GIS integration

2-way data sync with discrepancy approval is available for ESRI GIS systems.

Seed inspections

Save typing by pre-filling inspection data from GIS attributes or an Excel spreadsheet.

Custom workflows

Group work to be done into projects and track each stage with custom workflows.

Inspection editor

Quickly view and edit inspections with Hub’s intuitive interface.

Beautiful deliverables

Create customized reports and share them on your own branded webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hub desktop software or cloud software?

Hub can be installed both on-premise (Hub for Desktop), or hosted in the cloud and accessed via a web browser. Some features are only available in the web-client.

How many users can I have in my account?

Hub for Desktop is licensed individually per computer. The web-client supports an unlimited number of users.

Can Hub integrate with my GIS?

Hub has a 2-way integration with ESRI GIS. This means that you can create new inspections from assets in your GIS and update GIS attributes (after approval) with data from inspections.

How do I transfer data between the field and the office?

If a network connection is available, projects and inspections can be transferred between the field and the office automatically using Sync. It is also possible to transfer data using a portable hard drive or thumb drive.

What does it mean to “seed inspections”?

Seeding is our term for pre-filling inspection data. We know time is valuable in the field, so you can save typing by automatically populating known fields from existing assets or an excel spreadsheet. Those inspections are available as a “to-do” list in PipeTech Inspect.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at support@pipetech.com and we’ll help you.